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Main/Services/Subsoil monitoring

Subsoil monitoring

Geodynamic subsoil monitoring

Zhanazhol Munai Service LLP provides customers with professional services in the field of subsoil monitoring. We work on the basis of an integrated approach to the solutions, high-class modern equipment, advanced technologies and many years of experience.

A new look at the geodynamics of the subsoil

Earth's crust, including in areas of oil and gas basins, is subject to geodynamic processes: this is well known by both practical and theoretical studies. Accordingly, it is possible to ensure the safety and efficiency of oil and gas production processes only when these specific processes are monitored and taken into account.

Dynamics is the key word justifying the need for constant monitoring of the state of the subsoil:


  • Static data (such as geodetic surveys) obtained during the design and construction of wells, pipelines and buildings quickly become obsolete.
  • Seismic activity, extensive subsidence of the Earth's surface, a tendency to the occurrence of active faults and other destructive processes are observed in areas previously considered stable.
  • Oil and gas production operations become an additional destabilizing factor.







Geodynamic monitoring

In 21st century, with an increasing shortage of energy sources, the oil and gas industry is undergoing changes: firstly, oil and gas production inevitably spreads to areas of unstable geodynamics, and secondly, intensity of development of already developed fields is increasing.

Safety of industrial facilities – both industrial and environmental – comes to the fore. And geodynamic monitoring is of particular importance, since it makes possible to reduce the main risks:


  • Natural. This factor cannot be eliminated: modern science does not yet know how to prevent, for example, an earthquake. But if you track the occurrence and development of seismic processes in the area of an oil or gas field, you can react to the event in time and minimize its negative consequences.
  • Technogenic. Intensive development of oil and gas fields destabilizes initial natural state of subsurface. Accidents happen at wells, structure of aquifers changes, fluids are distributed in new way. At the same time, surface subsidence, formation of mud-gas volcanoes occur, geologic faults are activated, so-called technogenic seismicity occurs. Monitoring of subsurface allows you to identify these processes at an early stage and take control.

Geodynamic monitoring services

The main advantage which distinguishes Zhanazhol Munai Service LLP from many other companies working in the field of subsurface monitoring is an integrated approach to the problem solution at all stages. We use not just one method of surveillance, but set of techniques and technologies, and get objective picture of the situation in continuous dynamics.

In the range of our services:

  • Regular and cyclic observations using satellite GNSS systems.
  • Geodetic gravimetry and leveling (Class II) of high accuracy.
  • Constant monitoring of microseismic activity.
  • Analysis of satellite radar interferometry (InSAR).
  • The device of geophysical/geodetic points of the fundamental network.
  • Preparation of geodynamic monitoring programs.
  • Preparation of reports on the geodynamics of the subsurface based on monitoring.


Zhanazhol Munai Service LLP is a team of highly professional geodesists and geophysicists with wealth of experience, with innovative high-precision equipment and advanced technologies. All types of survey activities, construction and installation works are carried out based on the State licenses and permits.

Our contacts:


+7 (713) 294-75-39 | +7 (713) 251-46-80



Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Tauelsizdik ave., 5 k. 1, office 45
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